Aur Tire Shop About Us

AUR Tire shop builds merchandises for today’s modern automobiles and offers high-quality, cutting-edge technology and real-world performance AUR Tire shop mutually develops its tires through accurate testing to supply the highest excellence and most technically advanced products in the market. At AUR Tire store we like to thrust the boundaries to find the crucial ride for your machine. In recent times, we started with an inventory of only six tires; we grew store by cultivating acquaintances to the community and honoring relationships with customers and employees. Through respect, fairness, and a readiness to always pay it forward, we transformed our store into a thriving, viable business. Today AUR Tire shop is the largest fast-rising independent tire and wheel retailer. We make available a broad variety of product choices, reasonable pricing, and expert staff. More importantly, our store provides individual customer attention, and heartfelt personal touch you’d expect from a neighborhood store. In the spirit of the first AUR Tire shop, we uphold commitments to mutual respect and fairness for all, through community engagement and responsible growth. AUR Tire shop stands to flourish because of the vision that lives and thrives in the hearts of our employees, from the store level to the corporate level. Visit our stores today, and experience the standards that make AUR Tire shop the nation’s fastest and rising tire and wheel retailer.


Our mission is to provide tires and wheels for today’s ATVs, UTVs and suggest a high standard of quality, technology, and performance—without the price, to clients, organizations, and individuals.